Monday, 2 November 2009

Centralising bookmarks

It's always the way that no sooner do you post something than you discover additional information. Since writing my previous post, I've discovered two attempts to provide exactly the kind of centralised bookmarks and password managers I've been looking for.

The first is Xmarks which provides exactly this kind of service, albeit only for Firefox (though Chrome is promised). This can sync both bookmarks and passwords. Although it's run by a private company and by default stores the data on their server, you're not tied to it - you can use your own WebDAV or ftp server to store the data, and you can export the stored bookmarks at any time. An additional nice feature is the ability to create 'sync profiles' , which enable you to limit certain bookmark folders to a particular computer.

Meanwhile, Google recently introduced their sync facility, though frustratingly this does not seem to be available on the Linux version as yet. This stores the bookmarks in with the Google account, though it seems they plan to open-source all this, so presumably could be done elsewhere too. It will also use the standard XMPP for syncing.

Now all that's needed is to persuade KDE to use this instead of the built-in bookmarks.

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  1. Even though I love the way Google handles my bookmarks across my devices, I've still found an old fashioned bookmark manager comes in handy for when I'm using a device that isn't mine. You don't realize how reliant you are on your bookmarks until you can't access them!