Monday, 2 November 2009


I've just been looking at Mark Pilgrim's interesting pages on HTML5, especially his browser tests for various new features. Here's the results for the various browsers that I use on my KDE setup.

Edit: 14.11: I have now updated this to show Slackware Firefox as well as Debian's Iceweasel which appears to be far less capable. I've also included Arora (not surprisingly as they both use QtWebKit, this is the same as KDE plasmoid).

Konqueror (KHTML)Plasmoid/Arora (QtWebKit)Firefox (Gecko)Iceweasel (Gecko)Chrome (WebKit)
Canvas textnyyny
Videonny (Ogg Theora)ny (Ogg Theora and H.264)
Web workersnnyny
Offline appsnyyyy
Input typessearch, rangesearch, tel, url, email, number, range, color
Placeholder textnynny
Form autofocusnynny

Clearly, Konqueror is worst. After only testing Iceweasel I thought Gecko wasn't much better, but Firefox is far superior at these tests, so it looks like this is browser dependent, not browser engine. Firefox even manages geolocation, though I tested this via my ADSL link which is pretty useless as it gives the ISP's location not mine. The WebKit browsers also score well at these tests.

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